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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 17, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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[music] >> one day after an officer involved she believes a 19 year-old man said, tensions are running high in the bayview district where the shooting took place. the police are making their presence felt. we have the latest on the investigation. >> he did not have any gun, no gun, we saw the whole thing even when he first started running. >> he was there saturday at third and oak hill when the shots rang out. >> actually solve the police gun a man down what he was running. >> the police a different story they said the suspect was stopped by to officer looking for fair jumpers as the part of a violence prevention program at the muni platform. they said the man ran off entering a foot pursuit, the man pulled a gun and fired on officers.
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>> at this point we believe the suspect fired backwards at the officers, the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> initially no gun was found on the suspect the police now say they believe they have the weapon helped in part by the you to the video the person that posted it points out the silver handgun that lies on the ground. here is a freeze frame and you can see in in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and here's a close-up shot of what appears to be a handgun and they also point out the person in the grey sweatshirt with the white stripes as saying the man picked up the gun and disappeared before the police could get it into evidence. the police say the gun was taken as officers on the scene were busy tending to the suspect and before that they could establish a crime scene. the eye witnesses doubt what the gun was used by the suspect. >> the shots that were fired were all from the same guns, from the police. >> continuing our team coverage tonight is a the second time this month that
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police officers shot and killed a man in santa does go on july 3rd, park police killed a man that they say was armed with a bottle and a knife at a civic center station. some bay view residents believe the shooting cause even more tension between the community and the officers. we are reporting live in the bay view, what are they telling you tonight? >> some of them are saying that the latest officer involved shooting that had been right there is the reason why they do not like and do not trust police officers. when it comes to relationships between cops and the bay view community some say this is the worst that it has ever been. a lot of communities love to see this police and officers patrolling the streets but some in the bayview areas say that the police make them feel unsafe. >> i have set up a police out here and you know what kind of made me feel and steak. as i am walking our nation that had my to get every time i get on the train because i do not to be
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the next victim. >> she and her friend believe that the censors is the police officers use excessive force by killing and then on saturday. the police say the man fired on them first with the relationship between the tops in the bay view community is so bad that some people simply do not believe what the police are telling them. >> we do not know what is the truth, it is hard for us to believe the police officers because of the previous situations that have happened. it is racial, it is that, it is not fair. >> these young women say years of neglect in this port neighborhood lead to the bad relationship there was something like this happens it heightens the tension even more. >> they do not care, i did not think the police care about us. >> some bay view resident said that if the police of the party does not address this problem others would do something out there. >> sooner or later there will be right on third street because these costs cannot get away with this, and that is how everyone
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else feels. >> we have new information about the 21 year-old woman whose body was found burning on a street in oakland the police now have a person of interesting custod---according o the police as her body was found around 4:30 a.m. the police believe that she was killed somewhere else today her family and friends raised $1,700 to go towards her funeral and her two year-old son. we look at how they raise the money and awareness. >> to know that a human being has been burned, that in and of itself is huge and criminal. it is a was a violation of human rights. we want to bring that to the forefront. here is a a young latino mother from oakland and she matters. she should matter to a national audience. >> this is a development program in oakland that works with youth and dissolving games. others
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were friends with monocoque the young woman whose body was found burning just days ago. they're working to raise $30,000, up 10,000 for her funeral and another 20,000 zero go into a trust fund for her young son. while some of her friends cannot talk on camera they say working with these crudes, and is programmed to deal with the pain of such a dramatic loss. >> we have three women that have been murdered in burned alive in the last three months. that is tragic for us. we have a heavy amount prostitution going on in oakland as well. and there are so many violations to the rights of women, this is not just about monique although you very much love and care for monique,--care for monica, a lot of young people love and care for her we are trying to raise funds but also consciousness about what is happening in oakland. >> we have a lot of fog
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around the bay area more cool weekend temperatures not too hot. temperatures in the '60s and '70s today. 77 degrees for antioch, concord and livermore mid-70s another day in the '60s for san francisco. the cool weather because of this weather system right here, you do not typically see this at this time of year. we have a rainstorm that is moving into the north coast of california. it will bring some rain showers possibly to the north of santa rosa along with continued mild temperatures. there is a warm-up and store i will let you know about that later on. >> thousands of people packed the seven fiscal civic center to watch the fifa world cup final. the u.s. national team lost in dramatic fashion to japan but that did not stop people from enjoying the match with fellow soccer fans. the event was organized by the
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parks department with many sponsors. an estimated 3000 + people were on hand to cheer on their favorite teams. >> it was great we have been waiting for women's soccer to come to this level and now we're he would downtown san for cisco want to get and now it is mainstream is here and they're ready to go. >> this is awesome, they're still about here the weather is beautiful this is a great day. >> it is a great day for our country is good to have people rallied together. >> we will bring highlights from the heartbreaking match, and to get closer look at the impact that the team has had on soccer right here in the u.s.. this coming monday, we will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run america has talent along with law and order and criminal intent at 9:00 p.m. kron4 news will air at 10:00 p.m. on monday. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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>> the freeway was supposedly to reopen on monday morning but clearly construction crews finish the job ahead of time. this is remarkable because all the hype surrounding this closure. crew was an official anticipated a major traffic nightmare over the weekend but so far all day saturday and sunday the traffic was very light throughout this car dependent to a city. warnings were in effect for months now regarding the closure. but the mayor says that everyone in l.a. pitched in. >> it looks like they got the message, they actually not only did not get in their cars, frankly, they did not leave their home for
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the most part and if they did, they walked, took the bus, or a bike. this is a big effort on the part of the people of los angeles and all the entities here to address the congestion and gridlock to improve the quality of our air. the sacrifices and the burden that we share now, will have dividend's going into the future. >> this is all part of a billion dollar construction plan to extend the 4052 at an age of the lane. part of that included demolishing part of the bridge behind me while the crew is finished at up this morning they clean the debris off the freeway and now it is ready for traffic in the morning rush. this will happen all over again in 11 months when the crew was demolished the other side of the bridge of next year. >> clear skies around the bay area for this evening, temperatures in the '50s and '60s it will be a little bit warmer for tomorrow i will have the forecast coming up.
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>> one of the most watched murder victims and is now being released. she left the jail, casey anthony be acquitted of all -- acquitted of murdering her daughter. she was given time served. >> following her attorney and flanked by heavily armed police officers this acquitted murdered defended casey anthony walked out of the front door of an orlando jail early sunday. and journalists who were allowed to follow her out describe how it all happened. >> as soon as the chief walked in and open the door they bolted her out was the 52nd shot, if i would of blank i would have missed it. >> officials had more than one plan for the release in kept a close eye on the 1000 or so people gathered outside. many in the crowd
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found fault with the verdict. >> i cannot even understand mother would do this to our children. it just tears me apart. >> the 25 year-old was acquitted of murder and child neglect charges earlier this month end in the 2008 death. the little girl skill tool remains were found in a wooded field. this weekend not far from the into the home, people gathered at the site to remember a life cut short. >> i really feel that this is such a sad occasion and that the people should realize that a baby died. >> out of concern for antony's safety her legal team is not releasing her whereabouts. there is speculation that she could possibly sell her story for millions or even change her appearance and her identity to try and and lead a normal life.
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>> anthony's legal troubles are not over yet during her investigation she told the police said that a woman by the last name of gonzalez has taken her daughter, a woman with the same name is suing her for defamation. also a group that helps in missing persons and searches, they are suing to help with the cost that they incurred during the search for her daughter. >> it was a nice day to be out on the beach, or out on the bay, to reduce got into the mid '60s. i think we will see some sunshine for tomorrow a little more than what we have seen in the past few days. clear skies right now last night at this time we're really socked in, but the fog is coming back and later on this evening the temperatures in the '60s right now, 63 napa, campbell in richmond.
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>> the water temperatures have come up a few degrees and that has made from some slightly warmer temperatures at the coast this weekend. that will be the trend for the next few days. san jose about 9:00 a.m. and maybe around noon for san for cisco plenty of sunshine for the afternoon and temperatures will be coming up a few degrees for our monday look for mid-70s san rosa and sonoma, napa 76 degrees there is 81 for fairfield and that is warmer than we have seen a little milder here, 66 san francisco and look for the upper 60s in berkeley oakland into the '70s. a sunny day, breezy in the afternoon and slightly warmer, it is well below average for mid july mid-70s for the south bay, san jose the high of 77 degrees here
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is the seven day around the bay. we could see some heavy drizzle at times tuesday morning and we will start to warm things up on wednesday. will be into the 90s by next weekend and warmer temperatures by the bay. back into the '70s and perhaps pushing 80 degrees by saturday and sunday. >> and national news, the police are investigating a deadly collision after an suv crashed into a private tour bus last night. this is the vehicle failed to hold at the stop sign and t boned the bus. two passengers in the suv died and to be on the bus suffered minor injuries a somber anniversary today 15 years ago, twa flight bound from new york to paris exploded in mid-air and plunged into the water off the coast of long island. all the people
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aboard were killed, despite a massive investigation by the fbi is not clear what caused the crash. they concluded the most likely cause was a short circuit that made the wrong fuel tanks explode. >> mission control says that the shuttle's main computer that had a glitch on thursday is now back in working normal again. atlantis is scheduled to return to earth on thursday. a memorable first pitch at an arizona game. tom lewis through out the first pitch with his feet. what is who has no arms is trying to raise awareness of physically disabled people. he is travelling all around the country as a part of his pitch for awareness to work. >> how copper thieves can
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>> copper thefts and the bay area have gotten so bad that not even hospitals are not immune to the problem. mao was i and in san francisco back in august of 2010 experience a power outage because of thieves. even though the hospital had backup generators to power outage caused an electrical surge in the hospital resulting in the canceling of some surgery. across the street and post or to pick and sports medicine they had to san some patients home. >> all of our phones and now we have to use cellphone to call patients and answer calls. we cannot receive any calls and in the patient's calling in did not know we had a blackout. >> copper thieves are not just swiping lbs of copper but tons from underground vaults. like this one on
9:26 pm
howard street according to the san francisco police reported was not hit once, but twice. in fact in the past year, there have been close to 40 reported volvelles including four in just the past 30 days. mostly overnight but sometimes in broad daylight. another location, just outside of the at&t building at 555 pine street in san francisco. it was also hit twice. did this, these copper cables were energized when the theft took place. apparently, these thieves and what they're doing. >> to give you an idea what it looks like, this is one right here imagine stealing 40 ft. of this. >> i notice that some manhole covers have been welded shut to deter thieves, but in many cases the damage has already been done. in the case of mount zion when the thieves struck, it damaged six transformers and cost them well over $150,000 to fix. but, you can help. they are
9:27 pm
offering $15,000 rewards to anyone that has information involving the theft. the thieves usually operate early in the morning but here is a hit, if you see someone in a pickup truck inside of a manhole at 2:30 a.m. it is a pretty good chance that he is behaving badly. >> the investigation continues in a deadly officer involved shooting incenses the we would take a look at tension between the police department residence in the bayview district. the u.s. women's fall short of a third championship of what we will bring the highlights and show you how people in the bay area were celebrating. the boiler was --the boy wizard knocks out the dark knight will show you how well harry potter is doing
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>> and investigation is underway after the police shot and killed a man in the bayview district. the police
9:30 pm
said they attempted to question a 90 year-old man exiting the train station where they say the suspect fled the scene and fired at police. and least one officer returned fire shooting the suspect and fatally injuring him. investigators said they have recovered a weapon that appear to have belonged to the suspect, but tensions are high in the bay view area. some say they will feel safer with a smaller police presence in the area. we have a neighbor reaction to the shooting. >> some people in the bay view community are calling that shooting that involve the police officer killing a man their senseless. they say they want justice for that man. >> some people in the day you are comparing the latest officer involved shooting to the latest oscar grant killing they say it was unjust. >> why you have to shoot someone over a transfer, you can't chase the man down and put him in handcuffs. >> even the police said the man that was killed fire at
9:31 pm
them first. >> it is kind of hard for us to believe the police officer because of previous acts that have happened. >> a community group plans on holding a rally monday afternoon at the corner of third and oakdale avenue. they're demanding that the fbi conduct an independent investigation on the shooting. they say the current district attorney has a conflict of interest and should not be involved in the investigation. he was a former census is the police chief, that group wants the communication-- wants or can this reviewed. >> there will be a community meeting to talk about the officer involved shooting sometimes this week. he points out that the relationship between the cops and the debut community is getting better and he says because after someone to the gun from the crime scene it was with the help of community members here that they retrieved the gun that was taken from the scene. live in the bayview
9:32 pm
kron4 news. >> it came down to penalty kicks in the fifa world cup final after the u.s. missed their first three shots. it was japan for the taking and they did not miss it. this was japan's first title. how thousands of fans gathered outside of the civic center to watch the game. and >> from this view can see just how many people watch the game, nearly 3000 sat on the ground and i keep their eyes of the big screen. most of the people here were cheering for the american women's team, they can--you can hear the excitement after the team scored a goal. but this kid made japan the world cup champions. these ladies could not watch any more and even said it was a tough loss. >> on it with all the hype,
9:33 pm
then no, then once again and then the tide. >> despite the loss, fans and sanford's ago were excited to see this many people watching the game. >> we are waiting for women's soccer to come up to this level, and now we are here is san cisco watching it with a major people when before we were just hanging back. >> coming up a little later, we will take a look that the impact the women's national team is having on this for right here at home. in san cisco thousands turned out this morning for the 25th annual aids walk. this was the scene earlier at golden gate park, the 6.2 mi. walk beginning in did at sharon's metal--metto. since the first walk in 1987 more than $74 million has been raised for bay area hiv and aids organizations. >> here is a gorgeous sunset shot from mt. tam
9:34 pm
looking out over the pacific ocean this evening clear skies, no fog as opposed to last night when we had plenty of fog. clear skies for this evening, the low clouds will begin to redevelop and push inland for tomorrow morning clouds will be with us, but they are forecast to clear more quickly than what we have seen, a sunny late morning and early afternoon and that means warmer temperatures. it will not be quite as loud as we have seen. here is 6:00 a.m., '50s in blue, through the day we will see the readings warm up. it will be cooler than normal day for the middle of summer time but, warmer than we have seen. the warmest place is just sitting close and into low 80s, san jose look for '70s but still '50s and '60s at the coastline. then we began to cool things off a few more degrees for tuesday. the fog will be thick, you will see some extensive drizzle, but warming up for wednesday, thursday, friday and by next
9:35 pm
weekend it could be a pretty hot especially in and i will talk about that more later on. >> a unique art disk late 12--a unique art display. homeless people in the air were given cameras and asked to document their neighbors. organizers say they want to have people see the homeless in a dignified life. now 14 young women from across the country are competing in this year's miss the national asian pageant. several of the contestants are from the bay area with less than one week away, contestants at a chance to starts practicing their routine. the last issue queen also met with the contestants to give them advice on when the crown. similar to miss america, the miss national asian contestants will compete in the talent and swimsuit segment it also includes an
9:36 pm
ethnic costumes segment. >> you have to worry about your address, your shoes, the way you walk and talk everything the best thing that i could do i felt was to be a comfort zone, been guidance for them. >> go out there yourself, so them who you are and if the judge is really like you there is nothing else that really matters. the secret weapon would be is going out there having fun in being yourself. >> even if you win or lose, i believe that being in the competition will even use my confidence even further. >> it will take place saturday night in front of a live audience the organizers are expecting more than 1000 people to attend. health officials are cracking down on an ethnic custom, we will take you to a local hookah bar and see what all the fuss is about. now one executive is under arrest. a programming note to tell you about this coming monday we will air nbc programming
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starting at 8:00 p.m. we will air america has talent followed by law and order criminal intents and then a kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. that is on monday. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> help officials in san francisco are moving to shut down all hookah lounges. some owners are fired up about it. >> three lounges have been ordered to stop serving hookah the water pipes used to smoke tobacco but owners say that it is a part of the night culture as well let's ethnic customs. >> we invest about time, energy and money to create in this atmosphere in the united states. as you can see, 99 percent of our customers they all indeed release, and when they come here they feel home.
9:41 pm
>> these water pipes are popular in the southeast and middle ages and have a following in the bay area. >> this is what my favorite thing to do in my free times, it is relaxing. many people that come down to the hookah lowndes, it is easy to talk around them. >> mohammed says that he may end up closing his business. >> i think this is another wrong decision that the city is making for the small businesses and i tried to fight for as much as i could. >> owners of two more loungers are scheduled to appear at hearings sometime this week. the lounges face fines up to $5,000 in eventual closure if they do not comply. >> the world cup was this close for team usa. coming up with a look at how soccer is catching on in america
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>> excited was in the air for the world cup, you the
9:45 pm
president and his family watched the final. here's a picture that the white house released to the >> they watched from of the white house as the u.s. failed. soccer has grown dramatically in almost as many american girls play soccer as those boys and. it will take a look it girls soccer as yet another u.s. women's team enters the limelight. >> i started playing in the '70s in texas i've seen it just grow and grow. >> our daughters and they live and breed soccer. >> you know the you can do it? >> yes. >> what i like about the women's game especially is that there really focused on
9:46 pm
team work. it is about doing things together. >> it is more of a team score with girls, because sometimes guys think they can do it all by themselves but girls we are together. >> we are much more interesting to watch. >> yes, we play with more heart, i think we have more of an edge to compete. we just want to score. >> and we do not curse at the referees. >> we had better attitudes and the like played together better. >> i see mile the favoritism towards the guys, but it has come full circle across the board. >> up thinking of america, football and baseball i mean
9:47 pm
as far as tv and the schools, they are the moneymakers so it is hard to get the support out for soccer. >> i think in a couple of years soccer will be bigger because they are what made the girls soccer popular. and >> they're the best their soccer players in the making want to play more and more. >> i think most sports fans are tired of football and basketball and the money in ticket sales going through the roof it is really affordable to go to a soccer game and is much more exciting. >> they call of the beautiful game. there are no set plays except for when the ball is still and there is a was alone. --blown.
9:48 pm
>> we are at the golden gate bridge and the traffic is backed up for this evening. the fog is forecast to reform later this night for temperatures in the '50s and '60s right now. brentwood at 66, oakland 59, san for cisco upper 50s. the satellite view shows that we have some unusual weather taking place. there's a storm system to the north of the bay area tonight that is producing rain just off shore and this weather system may actually produce a little bit of shower activity to the north of santa rosa for tomorrow. otherwise, look for some cloud coverage in the north bay and the continuation of these mild temperatures that we have seen, another day with readings that will be much cooler than average. we will warm up later in the week. in the fog is beginning to spread inland once again. we will see
9:49 pm
briefly in concord in livermore but we should see it pretty quickly and by 10:00 to 11, is back to the ocean by the afternoon it should clear up notice some high clouds beginning to increase by the mid afternoon hours, this is 3:00 p.m.. the high clouds from the weather system that i'm showing with a chance of a few showers northern sonoma county. the averages in the '70s for today, but look for 81 degrees in fairfield and that is going up about 3, to five degrees. low 60's at the ocean. 66 in palo alto and at '70s for the east shore. some clouds, but then late morning sunshine. highs in the upper '70's and low 80's in the interior of live to 82 degrees for antioch, 80 at pleasanton, and for the south bay it will be mostly sunny and a few degrees warmer here. here is the seven day around the bay. the temperatures come back down again for tuesday. we
9:50 pm
could see some extensive fog and drizzle. tuesday morning of fog takes a long time to clear. >> in world news tonight, a big development in the uk phone hacking scandal former news of the world editor rebecca brooks was arrested today and being questioned by the police in london. she resigned from her powerful post on friday. we're in london with the latest. >> police confirmed to cnn earlier this afternoon that a woman was arrested in connection with the two investigations, one on the phone hacking allegation and the other on alleged payments to police by reporters in exchange for information. now, a spokesperson for rebecca brooks confirmed that in fact the former news of the world editor was arrested when she attended a police appointed earlier this afternoon. now the question
9:51 pm
arises about the timing of this arrest. it comes just before becker brooks was due to appear in parliament at a hearing on tuesday where she was supposed to be answering lawmakers' questions on just how widespread the phone hacking scandal was and how much she personally knew about the allegations. she has consistently denied knowing anything about the phone hacking allegations but now the questions by lawmakers may be restricted because they are prevented from prejudicing an ongoing police investigation. and rebecca brooks herself may not be able to answer all of those questions that lawmakers opposed to her because of this ongoing investigation. >> japanese government is preparing to suspend cattle shipment due to radiation concerns the contaminated cows are close to the nuclear plant that was severely damaged during an massive earthquake. it
9:52 pm
appears that they were fed radioactive straw, they say meet from the exposed cows has reached some areas in japan. now in somalia, they are currently battling their worst drought in 60 years forcing many to walk days in search of food and water. israeli firefighters appeared to be winning the battle against a huge blaze that broke out today in the jerusalem for is. officials say the fire has now been brought under control. the smoke will force the holocaust museum to be evaluated at least six people were hospitalized and it is not clear what sparked the fire. now harry potter cents a huge a record at the weekend box office. headlines up next.
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9:55 pm
>> the last chapter in the
9:56 pm
harry potter series opened at midnight friday and the money has not stopped rolling in. >> this week it was all about harry potter. the eighth and final installment in the epic series set a new box office record. harry potter and the deathly hollows part to brought in more than $160 million in the first three days. that is just in the united states. that man is the dark night previously held the record with $158 million. worldwide, harry potter to attend an estimated $476 million. but not everyone was interested in wizards. coming in at no. 2, transformer's dark of the moon got another $21 million in weekend ticket sales. that brings terror mott's latest picture to nearly $303 million in the first three weeks on the big screen. horrible boss is starring jennifer anniston captained the no. 3 spot grossing $17.6 million in
9:57 pm
the second began. one hollywood couple pulled off the most secretive wedding of the some 35 friends and family members were whisked away to the event there island ceremony in all of the festivities leading up to the big day will be a part of a tlc special later this month. >> it was pretty good movie watching weather over the weekend. >> yes, a little cool and foggy also a little warmer for tomorrow. it will be in the upper '70's and low 80's inland. '70s for the south bay, 60 san for cisco, maybe--60 for san francisco, maybe next week in we will look at some nineties back in the bay area for saturday and sunday. that will be more like summertime. >> that is before us, we
9:58 pm
will be back at 11:00 p.m. hope to see you then. [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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